Community service is an integral part of OXE!

Members of Omega Chi Epsilon are committed to giving back to our neighboring communities.  Because of this, community service is a requirement for membership.  There are a wide variety of service projects that OXE members volunteer for throughout each semester, allowing members to easily fulfill the requirement.  In addition, these projects are a great way to get to know your fellow OXE members and have some fun while making a difference!

All prospective members are required to attend 2 community service events.
All active members are required to attend 1 community service event per semester.

Some of Our Community Service Locations

  1. Community Forklift
    Community Forklift is an organization that encourages sustainable communities by reducing waste and providing affordable materials for home improvement. Volunteers can have a variety of jobs including sorting or repairing inventory.
  2. A Wider Circle
    A Wider Circle focuses on providing basic necessities, education, and long-term support to those in need. OXE volunteers are given a variety of jobs.
  3. Anacostia Watershed Society
    The Anacostia Watershed Society is an organization dedicated to restoring and maintaining the Anacostia River. OXE members get involved by restoring wetlands, planting native plants, collecting seeds, and any other projects that are necessary for the health of the river.
To sign up for a volunteering event, please see the sign up document sent to all members, or contact [email protected]

Do you have suggestions to improve our volunteering?

Submit volunteering suggestions anonymously here!